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Built on the foundation of exposure, exposure and yes, more exposure.

Eyeballs on Cars maintains simple concepts, we are all about the posting of your inventory to classified sites that are focused only on automotive. These sites are unique in the fact that they essentially are “search engine’s for cars”, by removing all advertising on these classified sites allows us to keep the conversion rates incredibly high.

some sites where we post your inventory.

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We love your new generation website! We love your SEO campaign! We think your PPC is perfect! However, we know customers who are at the bottom of the buying funnel will continue to type phrases like “Used Cars For Sale” or “Used Cars Near Me” or “Search Local Dealers” These three alone are good for 3 million searches a month, and we own 300 more just like them. List your inventory with us and I promise we won’t embarrass you. Give us 30 days, and if we’re not your top converting vendor, then fire us.

Our Mission

From inception to the final product, we capture your brand and give it a commanding online presence.


It should be all you care about when it comes to your website traffic. All vendors shall thrive or fail based on their conversion rate.



We’re so EXTRA, it’s not even close to ordinary!

Ok, you want the magic, there is none! We just put so many new eyeballs on your cars that they have no other choice but to sell!